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From the beginning of times, rhythm and music had been the calling of shamans and priests. Sound brings people together, some music can heal sicknesses, and other can ruin walls. It is the language of feelings, which cannot be communicated through words and visual art. 

Playing music had given me the ability to travel in time and space. When I play piano or conduct in concerts, in my mind I always sit next to each of the audience members and listen with them together. It is my sacred goal to make my listeners exit the concert hall feeling a little bit better than when they just entered through the door. 

I believe that great music is found in every culture of the world. As much as I admire the classical European repertoire, I also share a passion for sharing the music of the world with my listeners. My concert programs tend to reflect on the pressing issues in modern society, not only the reminiscent of the past. The art should serve the people, and the artist should serve the art. 

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